How to make your Small Business in Ghana Stand out to Customers

So you run a small business in Ghana? You are looking for ways to increase efficiency, improve revenue and save costs. Digitising your business processes might be the hail-mary your small business in Ghana needs. Digitisation involves adapting your business processes into a form that can be operated with a computer, phone, laptop, or any other digital device and the internet. Doing this will increase the average revenue of your business and cut average costs while improving customer experience, enabling data-driven decision-making, and automating tedious and mundane processes.

If you have been at it for a while now, I bet you have realised that you need more than your passion to succeed. As a business owner, you should look for ways to provide quality services to customers in order to stand out. A sure way to do this is by using electronic invoices. E-invoice applications like Pocketi offer a myriad of advantages for your small business.

  • Creating Efficiencies and Improving Workflow
    By using e-invoice solutions, you control all account payable procedures from a single platform. Information may be accessed and synced without the danger of duplication between different devices. E-invoices increase turnaround time and reduce human errors. Employees can go from routine activities to strategically assigned tasks.
  • Increases Visibility and Accuracy
    Electronic invoices improve visibility by allowing end-to-end tracking. You can track invoice approvals and payments in real-time, creating thorough audit trails. End-to-end tracking increases visibility and reduces the risk of fraudulent invoices, overpayment, or duplication.
  • Maintaining a Sustainable Growth
    If the growth of your business is going to be sustainable, it must be backed by informed decisions. Using apps that help you keep track of your cash flow, expenses and income gives you an understanding of where you stand to determine your next step.

The world is digital. Customers and stakeholders constantly shift towards technologies that improve efficiency and make their lives easier. It is prudent that you as a small business owner take steps to meet them where they are. Adopting digital processes such as electronic invoices improves the quality of your services and makes you stand out. Do not be left behind.

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Written by: Victoria Boafo-Asante

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