How Pocketi Works

Pocketi is a mobile POS and Invoicing app for small businesses. It allows you to request momo payments from customers instantly, easily send invoices to your customers, and accept secure payments with just one click using their mobile money accounts.

Key facts

  • Your customers do not need any app to receive invoices or pay
  • You can track all your invoices with payments on the app or online
  • Payment is credited directly to your momo account
  • You can use Pocketi as a POS anywhere once you have service

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How it works in 4 simple steps

Enter customer number & telco provider

Enter orders, Invoice, delivery & other details

Send order and invoice details to the customer

The customer receives invoices and pays with 1-click

Learn how to start sending invoices and tracking sales.

Watch the video to learn more about sending invoices and receiving payments.