Effective Date: 16th June 2023

We may need to change our fees from time to time. We’ll let you know in advance when we do.

You agree to pay the applicable fees disclosed to you when you create your Pocketi or Pocketi for Business Account. All balances and all fees, charges, and payments collected or paid through Pocketi Services are denominated in Ghana Cedis (GHS).

Pocketi for Business Account Fees

Pocketi App is a free POS, Invoicing, and Order-creation App with online analytics and in-built customer management features

  • No subscription fees
  • No maintenance fees
  • No hidden fees

Note: Invoice Amounts above GHS100 will be credited to your momo account the next business day. All fees exclude eLevy.

Pocketi is not able to refund the fee.

Pocketi for Business Account

Creating and sending invoices, POS Request0
Online access to the analytics dashboardFree
Invoice: Successful Payment and credit (deducted before credit to your momo)1.99% Max GHS20
POS Payment Requests (Using Individual Profile – 0 fees to the business)Your customer Pays 2% max GHS15 (Momo fee included)
MoMo Transfer to all networks2% max GHS15
Supported Payment Methods: Mobile Money

For every successful invoice paid using Pocketi, the fee will be 2.99% 1.99% (reduced fees) of a successful payment. This fee applies both to any payments you receive via Pocketi Invoicing as well as any intra-app payments you receive from other Pocketi or Pocketi for Business Accounts.

Your customers paying for Invoices will be charged the regular MoMo Fees of 1% (excluding eLevy).

Here’s what we charge per business invoice transaction – no hidden fees.

For example, if a customer pays GHS100.00 to a business profile using the invoice sent by the business, GHS 1.99 of that payment would be charged as a seller transaction fee and the business owner would receive GHS98.01. Your customer will pay 1% only without any momo fees.

Your Customer Pays: GHS

You Receive:

Pocketi Fees (1.99%):