All about the revolutionary Pocketi app now in beta version and rolling out soon

Pocketi (“Pocketi”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Integra Limited. (“Integra”), is a registered and licensed Payment Service Provider that provides online and mobile application-based payments, invoicing and transfer of mobile money for individuals and businesses.

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Pocketi is a Mobile app to keep all finances in your pocket. Banking in your pocket and your very own personal finance assistant. A secure and safe app with unique mobile money experiences for everyone and business tools for businesses.

Always get paid. Request payment in one click

If someone owes you, using Pocketi you can simply send a request and our chat feature to notify the user that you are waiting for the payment.

Pay in any way you want. Scan, reply and Click

Inside Pocketi we have created 3 options to send transactions:

  • Scan to pay with QR Code,
  • Reply to someone’s payment request or
  • Naturally sent payments to recipients, or special categories and groups of services and service providers.

Manage contacts with your own requirements

Manager each contact separately and block unwanted requests at contact level while interacting with them individually.

Manage personal finances and business in one place

Pocketi is a personal assistant to your business. Pocketi for Business account allows developing business relationships and get official payments easily.

You can have your business banking inside the app and switch between accounts in one click. For selling goods, businesses can include

  • Delivery fees
  • Momo fees and
  • Taxes

If you need to create a financial agreement or invoice, just use Pocketi form. By passing a few simple steps, you will automatically create an official invoice or agreement with the client.

Get to know your business with Pocketi

The Web App provides a dashboard to always see your activities and all transactions crystal clear. We tried to cover all your business and information needs. The web app provides insights into the latest analytics, recipients, payers and transactions made by you.

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